About us 1

I Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd.

About us 1

I Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1970, specializing in the production of bicycle brake components and drum brake linings for motorcycles. In 2007, we expanded our capabilities with the addition of CNC milling equipment.

In addition to our in-house product processing and component development, we also provide design and manufacturing services for both domestic and international clients. In 2010, we embarked on research and production of bicycle disc brake pads, and in 2021, we further enhanced our capabilities with the addition of CNC Swiss-type lathes, enabling greater automation for precision lathe components.

We look forward to fostering mutual growth through collaboration with industries both domestically and abroad that have relevant needs. We also welcome retail businesses and individuals interested in our products to join us in promoting economic exchange.


I Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd., is established and mainly manufactures bicycle brake components and brake pads for automobiles and motorcycles drum brakes.


CNC milling machines were added to production line. This enhanced the company's ability of product processing and component development. Domestic and foreign partners rely and commission us for product design, development and manufacturing.


Development and production for bicycle disc brake pads started.


Swiss-style CNC lathe joined the team of modern automatic equipments. This further improved the production efficiency and product precision.